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A Word to parents

  • Parents are equaly responsible for the good conduct of their children in the school

  • If a student is absent due to any reason, it should be informed to the school office between 9.00 am to 9.30 am on that day itself.

  • The leave for more than five days shall be granted only on medical grounds.

  • Students suffering from contagious diseases are not allowed to attend class.

  • Parents should check the school diary every day for any communication from the teacher and use specified pages of diary for communication.

  • Parents should attend all meetings organized by the school.

  • Parents must not take photographs or video footage in the school campus, even during functions, without permission of the school authorities. Still images and videos in the school or its members must never be posted on the internet or in the broadcasts.

  • Copyrights of the video content of all school programmes belongs to the school.

  • Admission to Tolins World School presupposes that you are appreciative of the vision of education and ready to accept all rules and regulations. Responsible parents know that their duty does not end with securing admission for their children. Worthwhile education being a participatory process, parents have an important role as co-educators to fulfill this role they should be knowledgeable about what happens at school and supportive of their children in their self –study at home. In order to have a realistic assessment of their children’s potential and actual performance at school, and to decide on the best remedial measures to be adopted at home, it is necessary to meet the principal, and the teachers at regular intervals and to be present at all PTA meetings,open-house sessions and special seminars on parenting. Experience proves that students show great improvement in their behavior and academic attainment if their parents are regular in contacting the teachers and the school authorities.

  • The school formally communicates with the parents by means of progress reports, diary-remarks, circulars etc. Please make sure that you see and sign them, and send them back promptly.

  • Unauthorized articles brought to the school will be confiscated and will not bereturned. Sometimes students are subject to psychological stress or emotional disturbance. If parents happen to suspect or notice any such problem in their children, they should immediately inform the school authorities. It is a disservice to children to suppress the symptoms. With due respect to the confidentiality and sensitivity of the case, the school can provide for professional guidance and counseling. Timely intervention is vital in many such cases.

  • In the larger interest of their children, parents should avoid negative criticism of the school. Genuine grievances, if any will be redressed if they are brought to the notice of the principal in an honest and mature manner.

  • It is desirable that parents do not allow their children to visit or assemble in the homes of their friends in the absence of their parents or elderly relatives. Discerning parents are ever watchful and knowledgeable about what their wards do at home or elsewhere in their absence. Let us acknowledge the fact that students in their transitional phase are as brittle as glass and it is difficult to piece together broken pieces.

  • Tolins World School does not, however, appreciate parents’ excessive and hence counter-productive concern for their children.If the presence of a particular pupil or his parent is found to be harmful to the larger interests of the school, that pupil is liable to be expelled.Parents are also expected to be aware of the school’s attitude to private tuition.

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