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OUr campus

Tolins World School is located on the foothills of the western ghats, in a 25-acre campus with lush green surrounding. Our location gives the students ample fresh air aand a cool climate throughout the year. Our classrooms are fitted with the latest technology teaching equipment to make the learning fun and interactive. State of the art labs are set up for speciality learning for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

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Involving a student in extracurricular activities is essential for their all-round development. We believe that the activities we provide at Tolins World School will give students the opportunity and freedom to develop in areas other than academics. The clubs and societies at Tolins World School allows student to understand and pursue their personal interest outside the classroom while also allowing them to improve beneficial skills such as leadership, sportsmanship and showmanship. We have a host of clubs to choose from, which includes 'Sports', 'Quizzing', 'Environmental', 'Literature' and 'Theater'.


Sports & Outdoor

We train our students to be highly competitive, at the same time teach them to have respect towards their fellow mates. This drives our effort to make each student multi-talented. With highly acclaimed and professional trainers, we foster learning in Soccer, Basketball, Horse riding, Skating, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Batminton and many more such sports.

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Arts & Culture


Artistic and cultural education builds up a positive approach towards the learning process. It helps to sustain motivation and encourages lifelong learning. Every child is born with different artistic perceptions. We at Tolins World School believe that it is our obligation to nourish and encourage their creativity and talents.


Explore & FUN

Hands experience of things is the best way to instill deep learning. A multi-sensory learning approach that involves all five senses is an integral part of school life. School trips and other fun activities answer the requirements of these senses. The school conducts field trips to places such as zoos, museums, science / ecological parks, nature hubs, historical landmarks and key locations. Factory and industrial visits are arranged to give a better experience.
Trips to different countries arranged by school provides a real world experience to the students and exposes them to the incredible cultural diversities around the world.




Tolins World School trusts in involving students in a variety of celebrations which help to inculcate in them qualities such as sensitivity, tolerance, responsibility, creativity and togetherness. India is a land of diverse cultures. At TWS each and every festival in India is celebrated with zeal, enthusiasm and oneness that truly enhances the Indian culture. A close bond is established between children as they begin to understand, appreciate and respect other's customs and traditions. 


Jai HO

Our Annual Day celebration Jai Ho is woven around exciting themes each year. The entire ambience turns magical and spectacular. It gives the students the perfect platform to display their myriad talents and potentials, where they conquer their fear, boost up their confidence and learn to work as a team. Eminent and august personalities from different fields adorn the dais. Renowned personalities from the film industry add glamour and glitter to the occasion. We had the iconic presence of Sri Mohanlal, Sri Mukesh, Sri Dileep, Sri Ganesh Kumar, Sri Vijayababu among other noted actors. The students receive honours for their achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities. 
The theme based annual day function brings out the uncontainable enthusiasm in students, teachers and the school management as they put all their efforts to make it an extraordinary affair. 

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