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TWS believes that learning enrichment is a vital component in broadening and expanding a student’s overall knowledge and imagination. Our colourful well-stocked and spacious library provides a wide range of books, periodicals and magazines to choose from. We also offer educational support and one-on-one reading time.



Spacious, well-equipped science and computer labs provide guidance and ensure safety. We emphasize on practical learning equipped with equipment of the highest quality to provide "hands-on learning". Safety is ensured in the labs 



TWS aims to provide students with a safe, secure and reliable transportation service. Buses are air-conditioned with professional/ experienced drivers and trained assistants to ensure that each student is well taken care of. Pick up and drop off points, routes, timings and details will be provided at the time of admission.

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Tolins World School aims to meet the academic and intellectual potential of the student and develop leadership skills in a fun and exciting environment. The school encompasses more than books, tests and classrooms. TWS introduces Radio Tolins. It helps to broaden their educational experiences and develop further interests. These cross-curricular enrichment activities enhances children’s creativity and build skills in critical thinking, auditory, kinesthetic, memory and concentration. This gives them a wider perspective on day to day affairs.



Tolins World School boarding offers our students an atmosphere that creates a natural blend to develop and grow in confidence physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.
Facilities include state-of-the-art and hygiene amenities, air-conditioned rooms with clean hygiene toilets and freshly cooked meals with international standards, 24x7 security and generation back up and outdoor activities.

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