The school rules are intended to ensure the safety, welfare, good order and reputation of the school. The members are expected to maintain a high standard of civilized and unselfish behavior at all times. The rules apply to pupils on the way to and from school and to those on field classes, trips, visits and other expeditions away from school.


  • All students should report to the school on time.
  • Students who have come to the school should attend all classes for the day.
  • Leaving the school campus without permission during school hours will warrant disciplinary measures.
  • Irregularity in attendance is considered a serious matter. Formal leave in case of necessity should be sought by the parents in the school diary.
  • Prolonged absence for fifteen days or more should have the backing of a valid medical certificate.
  • Unauthorized absence will lead to removal of pupils name from the school rolls.
  • Readmission will be the sole discretion of the principal.
  • Students should avoid the tendency to absent themselves from class on the eve of examinations.
  • Pupils suffering or recovering from communicable disease should stay away from school until a competent doctor assures that the risk of contagion is over.
  • A student who comes to school after being absent for a day is required to bring leave letter signed by his parent. If he has forgotten to bring it, he shall report the matter to the principal before attending any class.


  • Coming late to school is a sign of indifference and indiscipline, and worse still, a disturbance to the whole class. So, late-comers shall enter their names and signature in the school diary, wait in the parlor till the opening period is over, and go to the next class only with the principal’s chit. No late –comer is expected to be seen wandering along the corridor or on the campus while classes are going on.
  • Being late for two days is equal to being absent for one day.
  • Timely submission of all assignments, class notes and lab records is required in order to be allowed to attend subsequent classes.


There are a number of extracurricular programs like the School Assembly, Kids Fest, Sports Day, Games and Physical Training, Annual Day, Orientation Classes, Celebration Of Festivals etc. Students are expected to be active participants rather than passive spectators in such programs because they are meant for their all-round development. Since half-hearted or ritualistic participation has no merit or use, prepare well, making use of the assistance that teachers and parents are able to offer.


Tests and examinations ought to be taken in the right spirit. In addition to helping students in their preparation for more serious exams ahead, they are the means to measure their level of awareness and to monitor progress. Of course, they are not ends in themselves. Diligent students score well in tests and exams.

Any malpractice in tests or exams is a grave matter and the culprit will face disciplinary action including expulsion from the school. Promotion to a higher class is based on the overall academic performance throughout the year.Preparation for unit tests and exams should be evenly spread out and never postponed until the eve of the exam.

The Principal and Management reserve the right in their absolute discretion to exclude from the school any pupil whose behavior, attendance or academic progress is unsatisfactory.


All students are required to speak only in English at school and on the school bus. There are two reasons for this insistence: one, the medium of instruction is English and, two, proficiency in this language is indispensable for a rewarding career.


The routine class lessons, tests, exams, projects, assignments, practical lessons etc. call for absolute dedication and expert time management. Students are advised to prepare a sensible timetable for personal study and follow it uncompromisingly. Then they will have no difficulty in meeting deadlines. if any day’s work is postponed, arrears will mount up and upset all plans and spoil the joy of learning.


Students are expected to be in school uniform while travelling on the bus. They are to observe all safety rules, and maintain discipline and reasonable silence while travelling. Details of fare, routes, and timing are given elsewhere.


The school diary is an educational tool, a personal record and a means of communication with the parents. Bring it to school every day and produce it on demand by any teacher. Treat it as a piece of personal property and take care not to lose or damage it.

A duplicate Diary will be issued only on the written request of the parent and on payment of Rs.400/- and only with the special permission of the principal.Parents are expected to check the diary every day and respond to the remarks/instructions given in it.


  • The school has a well stocked library of books, newspapers,magazines, and digital content, supervised and controlled internet facility is also provided.
  • All students may borrow books from the school library.
  • Students may choose books for themselves. They must be taken to the librarian for checking out.
  • Books must be returned within one week, and if necessary,renewed for a second week.
  • Late return of books will attract fine at the rate of Rs 5 per week,payable at the office.
  • Books in the reference section are not available for lending.
  • Do not damage or disfigure a library book.
  • Bring the damage, if any, to the notice of the librarian before borrowing any book.
  • Return all library books one week before the year-end examination. No student will be allowed to sit for the final examination unless clearance is granted from the library.
  • Do not bring any bag, book or periodical of your own into the library.
  • Maintain absolute silence in the library.
  • The librarian’s clearance certificate is required for applying for TC.


Parents / Guardians should apply for TC in the prescribed form available at the school office, duly signed at least one month in advance. TC will be issued only after the settlement of all dues to the school and after obtaining affiliation from CBSE.


There are enough facilities for games like basketball, table tennis and for training in roller –skating, general sports, Judo, swimming and horse riding. Coaching in a few games is made available to specially talented students. Also, arrangements are made for periodic conduct of debates, quizzes and speeches, and interaction with eminent personalities.


* Mobile Phone, I-Pod,MP3 Player, Camera, Computer Games or such entertainment gadgets.
* Pen drive, CD, DVD or any such storage device,
* Motorbike, Scooter or any motorized two-wheeler,
* Valuable ornaments, and more money than necessary for the day.