Tolins World School is not supportive of regular private tuition. The main reasons for this are:

  • Most students are intelligent and resourceful and they do not need it.
  • Spoon-feeding will not help any student to develop his dormant potential.
  • Regular private tuition doubles the burden without ensuring any considerable gain.
  • It kills self –reliance and active learning.
  • It upsets all practicable timetable and makes the students helpless before the arrears of work that stare at them.
  • It drains the students energy and makes them sleepy at school and irritable at home.
  • It generates indifference because students think that would get at the tuition center what they willfully miss at school. Probably they are indifferent at the tuition center too for the same reason. Perhaps that is why students who have the best of both fare badly in exams while students with no private tuition do better. If students really need any additional help they can turn to the teachers at school.