We offer air-conditioned boarding facilities to students from class II and above ( Boys & Girls ). We provide boarders with a happy, friendly and rewarding residential experience in a cozy, home-like environment. Boarders learn how to live, work and play together, sharing experiences with people from different cultural backgrounds. We aim to provide a caring ‘home away from home‘ for boarders, where they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives as part of an international boarding community, having the feel of a large family.
We want life for our boarders to be an unforgettable experience which will prepare them for all they will encounter in later life.


  • Breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks are provided for all. The food is delicious, well balanced, nutritious and served under hygienic conditions.
  • Junk food is not allowed.
  • We provide Halal chicken to the students.


  • English is the medium of instruction and the language of communication in the school campus.
  • Students are expected to converse with each other only in English. Abusive language is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must wear school uniform while attending the school, official functions and official outings organized by the school
  • Students are not allowed to go out without proper written permission.
  • Students have to be very careful in looking after their belongings. They must keep them neat and tidy and always in their appropriate places
  • No student is allowed in the staffroom at any point of time. The teacher can meet the student in any classroom.
  • No student can remain in the dormitory during school hours. Any emergency should be reported to Principal
  • A student should always come in appropriate uniform to the academic block.
  • The dress code should be followed by the student at all times in the campus.
  • No student will answer a teacher back, if the student has any reservations, he may take the matter to the concerned person.
  • No student will leave the classroom without the consent from the teacher in the class. In case the teacher is not present, he/she may take the permission from the Concerned person.
  • Without appropriate permission, the student will not come late to the class.
  • The dorm masters and mistresses help in the supervision, counselling and monitoring the progress of the children.
  • Please strictly advise and brief your child that any sort of ragging will entail REMOVAL FROM SCHOOL as per Supreme Court of India’s Order.
  • Combined study will not be permitted.
  • Students will sleep in their own allotted rooms/beds only.
  • Students should also avoid using things / garments of others.
  • students are not permitted to go to hostel at the school timings.
  • Students must switch off the electrical fixtures whenever it is not required.
  • Hostel reception room is the only venue for receiving visitors and no     visitors will   be permitted to enter any other parts of the hostel.
  • Students may contact the principal / warden for any problem without any hesitation.
  • Students can be taken home at 4.30 pm on the Fridays previous to   selected  second or third Saturdays. They should come back early enough     to attend the  class on the next working day. However parents are  requested not to take their  wards away to attend marriages and other     unimportant functions.
  • Parents should get Exit / Entry cards signed by the warden while going     home  and coming back after holidays. 
  • All telephone calls and letters to the students will be under the  surveillance and control of the warden.
  • Inmates should attend the morning and evening sessions of supervised   study punctually. Extra hours provided for library access should be   utilized by the inmates seriously and effectively to read the extensive collection of books and periodicals available in the library.
  • Food will be provided honouring the students’ general interest and no   catering will be done on individuals’ option.
  • Mess times are to be followed as per the Hostel schedule.
  • Special food can be arranged on Warden’s request for a student who is unwell.

  • Wastage of food must be avoided at all times.

  • Students from class IV onwards have to wash their undergarments their own.

  • The evening supervised study hour is meant for doing home assignments and the morning supervised / remedial for study and preparation for the days’ classes. Extra care is taken for weak students during remedial classes.

  • Students suffering from infectious diseases or severe emotional syndromes will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. They will return to  the hostel only after full recovery from their ailments.

  • Students should be keen on coming back to hostel after holidays on the   stipulated dates itself. Those who fail in doing so will be subjected to   stern actions.
  • Students will be punished for scribbling graffiti on the walls, usage of foul language, unruly movement in the corridors.
  • . Boys should not put their hands in their pockets while talking to teachers, elders and senior students.
  • Students should maintain decent standard of behavior and turnout whenever they go outside the campus.
  • They should always remember that a school is judged by its student’s appearance and behaviour

Punctuality: Punctuality forms an integral part of a residential school life. All classes need to be attended on time. Punctuality is also expected in assembly, sports, dining hall, submission of class work, homework, projects and other assignments etc.

Respect: Every student is expected to pay due respect to members of M management, Teachers, Staff and other workers.

Cleanliness: Students are advised to keep their dormitory, classroom, school building & campus as neat as possible. They are required to arrange books, clothes, and shoes neatly in their dormitories. Everyone should make his bed properly before they leave the rooms in the morning. Leftovers to be disposed in waste bins only.

Integrity: Any student found stealing or using other’s belongings without their permission or using articles belonging to the dormitories / school without the permission of the concerned person will beasked to leave the school immediately.

Lending or Borrowing: Lending or borrowing of money or any other article is not permitted. The school is not responsible for goods lost due to lending / borrowing.

Forbidden Acts:

a. Vandalizing any property owned by other students or the school or its employees. b)Possessing weapons or look -alikes in the campus.

b. Assaulting, attacking or harassing other students or employees.

c. Possessing or being under the influence of any intoxicant, drug, aerosol or medicines that are not administered by the school medical staff.

d. Cheating or copying the work of another, malpractice in Tests & Examinations, use of inappropriate language or gestures, engaging in calling names or verbal abuses or make insulting statements about others.

e. . Fighting or promoting a fight, or any other form of violence.

Bringing mobile phones, radios, video tapes, DVD and VCD players, video games, cameras, electric iron, transistors, heaters or such other electronic gadgets which are not permitted in the dormitory.

h. Making loud and disruptive noise in the school corridors and class rooms.

j. Damaging or Defacing School Property: Causing of damage to any property is strictly prohibited.

Students are expected to respect the property of others including school property. No student should damage or deface any school furniture, fittings, structure or property. Severe disciplinary action will be taken against students who cause such damage. In addition, a heavy fine would be levied. Damage caused accidentally should be reported at once to the class teacher. For any damage where the offenders cannot be traced, three times the cost of the article will be recovered from the students of the entire dorm or class concerned.


1 Dress (formal or in formal) 5 sets
2 Uniform (including Wednesdays) 5 sets
3 Underwears 6 Nos each
4 Sanitary napkins 4 Packets
5 Sports wear 5 Sets
6 Bath Towels 5 Nos
7 Handkerchief 1 dozen
8 Black hair bands, & hair pins, hair clips (Girls) 2 dozen
9 Umbrella 1
10 Tooth Brush & Tongue Cleaner 2 Nos each
11 Tooth Paste 2 Tubes
12 Shampoo 2 Bottles
13 Hair oil 2 Bottles
14 Bathing Soap 2 Nos
15 Comb or Hair Brush 2 Nos
16 Shoes (Casual) 1 pair
17 Bathroom Slippers 2 Pairs
18 Floaters (Black) 2 pairs
19 Nail cutter 1 No
20 Spectacles (Those who are using) 1 No

Note: The School has a store in Campus to meet the educational necessities, including stationery, toiletry etc.

1 Bed sheet & Pillow Cover
2 Blankets
3 Bucket & Mug
4 Laundry Basket
5 Coat Hangers

MOBILE PHONES are strictly banned by the State Government. If such a phone is seized, a fine of Rs.25,000/- is levied and a parents letter is to be kept in report for check of Principal Any lapses will entail not only fine but removal of the child from school.

Cash & Valuable Items: The school strictly prohibits pocket money. Parents are requested NOT to send money directly to the children. Students are not expected to have cash in their possession. All cash must be deposited with the school Accounts Office only.


Any I-pod with VIDEO SCREEN is banned as in a joint living. Children tend to misuse it for wrong viewings. This will be seized. Parents are requested to give only audio mp3 systems. Further, the school will not be responsible for loss of any such costly item. In case any costly item is brought by the child, the parents are requested to ensure the child’s name, roll no is inscribed on these items for easy identification.

Hostellers will not be allowed to keep and take medicines / tonics without the knowledge of the hostel warden / medical officer.

Prohibited Items: Any child caught with Cigarettes, Liquor, Tobacco, Gutka, Hukka etc will face immediate removal from the school.

Parents are requested to counsel children & ensure their ward do not bring prohibited items to the campus.

Expensive items: The school prohibits any expensive items such as jewellery, electronics costing above Rupees. 5,000/-. The school will not be responsible for any losses.


  • The school has a store in campus to meet the educational necessities, including stationery, uniform accessories etc for the students.